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    Set Back or Standard Magnum Pump???

    Hi Guys,
    I'm thinking of purchasing a Magnum Pump for my 2007 GP1300R with Riva stage II installed. I have no clue on the purpose of SET-BACK? And what is the reason for some to go with non SET-BACK? Last, Which model of the Magnum Pump is suitable for my above mentioned craft. I know my questions really sounds silly but will really appreciate if anyone can help.

    Many thanks!!

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    The Skat-Traks are excellent for their application.... that is excellent for organized racing. The set back gives you an extra MPH compared to the standard magnum pump. Both give tremendous hook up in rough water, the environment that most races occur in. If you gain 1 mph in rough water, then that is 1 mile down the track in a 1 hour race.... In other words, hook up in organized racing is everything.

    For the most part, these are not top speed pumps. Someone I am sure would debate this and give you their numbers to prove it. There will be many others to agree with this statement.

    The skat tracks have a larger hub than the 00-04 GPR pumps which are slower than the 05 and later models. In 05, Yamaha went to the larger hub (just like the skat-traks). In essence, you already have a "Poor man's Skat-Trak". The biggest differences that you can literally see between the Skat and the Yamaha pump is that the Yamaha is aluminum with thicker stator veins compared to the skat thin stainless veins. The E-75 has 12 veins (for more hook up) , and the yamaha has 6 veins (for better top speed).

    I have an E-75 set back and it performed as designed. Set back means that the impeller is "set back" closer to the stator for an improved top speed. Their hook up is so strong, that I broke two cranks with it. The put a heavy load on your engine. Hey, that's racing.

    You can buy at least 3 yamaha pumps for the price of one skat-trak. If you buy a skat-trak, you will also have to get a different shaft as well.

    Do what you want with your money, but take it from a guy who has bought one. Unless you are in organized racing or just want the ultimate hook up, spend your money on other "go fast" parts. They are just not worth it otherwise. The new Yamaha pumps are really good.

    If you decide still to get a skat, then send an old use stator so that they can rework it to make you a stator. Give those guys a call. They will give you the straight scoop. I believe that they have an 800 number.

    Welcome to the forum.

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