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    FUEL LEVEL STOPED RISING loosen your gas caps

    Ok so I have the Fuel in oil final figured out. I have 2 ultras both were having major gas in the oil. Eveytime I am done riding now I loosen up the gas caps. Ever since I started doing this I am not getting any more gas in my oil. this is true on both my skis!
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    I agree that this helps, but when I tested this, I still got a good amount of gas in the crankcase. Check this over 2-3 rides and let us know.

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    the only way i can see this being the solution while the engine is not running is that that the injectors are leaking while the fuel system is still pressurized. how else would fuel be getting into the engine and past the rings while the engine is off?

    i dont know too much about these engines but just giving my opinion

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