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Thread: Winterization?

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    Can't find any info on winterizing the RXT. I live in Toledo Ohio where temps spend much time below freezing for the winter. If I could find a list of things that need to be done for a proper "winterization", I would be happy. In other words, when I take it to the dealer and pay $220.00, what all are they doing? I'd like to learn how to do it myself, but need to know what to do before I can "do". I don't need a "how to" on everything right now, just a list of procedures needing to be done. If you would include "how to's" I'd be very greatful, or if you have links to "how to's" that would work also. But like I said, most importantly with this post I am looking to find out what the dealer does for a "winterization package". Thanks in advance with any help.

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    $220 sounds very high for that service. Go to FAQ's.

    1) put stabil in gas
    2) spray fogging oil down cylinders
    3) change oil
    4) put antifreeze through the supercharger (see FAQ's)

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