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    my new gti does about 53 mph

    my new gti does about 53 mph, so says my gps, does that sound about has 20 hrs on does have a couple of nicks out of the impeller, curious whether this is slowing it down.......thanks

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    that's about exactly where it should be for gps speed... u might be short a mph or so as several i've ridden and have heard back from are running in the 54 -54.5 range

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    From your pic it looks like you've got the 130 HP GTI? If so, your speed sounds right on with what I've seen on here. If your impeller is nicked up, your wear ring or pump vanes may be worn/broken, which could rob 1 or 2 MPH. The GTI pump is made out of the cheapest shit plastic I've seen, many members here have reported broken vanes within the first 50 hours. I've got 2 broken ones now so I'm trying to track down an aluminum pump from a GTI rental.

    The 155 GTI runs around 58 MPH stock. That's where mine was. With the Riva grate, ride plate and intake holes filled and the reverse bucket mod I can hit 61 on a cooler day when the RPMs are 7400+. As soon as it gets hot I'm way down on RPMs (naturally aspirated engines are more affected by heat and altitude), sometimes as low as 6800 and down to around 58-59.

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