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    Thumbs up Kawasaki says "FIX THE FUEL IN OIL PROBLEM!

    Ok everyone!

    I have taken my ski to the dealer for the GAS in the OIL problem.........

    The GOOD NEWS is they are going to tear the engine down and send the rings and cylinder to Kawasaki and replace them with "NEW PARTS".

    I actually have a claim number and they did talk to a rep on the "HOTLINE"......

    I told the dealer it was best if they went ahead and repaired it now...............because five years is ALOT of time for me to keep on them about this issue.

    My GAS/OIL issue is excessive...............after 1 full tank of riding hard..............I have 2 liters of GAS/OIL EXTRA in the crankcase!

    Let the questions begin!

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    How many hours on your ski?
    How did you break it in?
    Did your dealer inspect the breather box?
    Did they find any excess silicone?
    How many times did you have to inform your dealer that you were having the trouble before they acted?
    Were you professional with the dealer or a raving disgruntled customer - or somewhere in between?
    What is the speculation on why the problem exists?
    What is the remedy?

    Thanks for sharing your resolve!

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    08 parts?

    Ill be recieving an 08 mid Nov. White and Green.
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    You have a little over 2 quarts (if my math is right) extra after 1 tank?
    I'd say that's excessive. Why are they tearing down the entire engine?

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    Knowing Dave he took the cool and calm approach.

    I'm sure he will fill us in once the issue is concluded and he tests the new parts.

    This thread should be guarded as this might be the start of the 08 fixes on the 07 models.

    Lets follow the process all the way through. If it's truly the 08 cylinder and rings rumored then we all could benefit from Dave's experience.

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    OK; PLEASE get back to Kawa on this:

    So, worst case situation; they replace the rings / fix everything nice and pretty and you still have gasinoil (I'm referring to this as GIO from now on)..

    The few of us (and Skip) have seen a great improvement with the R&D vent kit; that fix has ZERO to do with the rings; unless they are putting in different rings (someone with engine smarts chime in here on stiffer/different rings), in which case that should be a recall or something like it.

    Regardless, thanks in advance for your updates.. This sounds kind of like what the mail02 (lawyer guy) did; I would love to know what happens.


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    Two things come to mind.

    Cylinder not round and the rings never seated correctly. This cylinder out of round could impede the rings ability to form a tight seal.

    Also it is rumored that the 08 have better rings in them but still use the same mold and process to make cylinders.

    So the issue of some boats with gas and some without may come down to poor cylinder bores and rings that cant adjust to fill those imperfections.

    Result, maybe a softer ring to seat better.

    The R&D fix relieves some of the back pressure allowing less stress on the rings.

    So I'm watching Dave's direction here as it is the path I am following with aftermarket pistons and rings with a once over.

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    No issues with oil in gas so far and I run the ski hard .........

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    Cool GOOD LUCK

    Good Luck On That. The Dealer Has Had My Ski Since Before Labor Day. They Did A Re-build On My Engine Due To A Bent Rod "all Warranty" And They Just Got The Gasket They Had Been Waiting For Two Months Just To Put The Damn Thing Back Togather. Kawi Is Having A Big Prob. Getting This Gasket Out When It Comes To Warranty Work. So Once Again Good Luck.

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    gas in my oil

    I suck the oil out of my ski and the gas in the oil was bad,,,i even tasted it .,,,,yuck !!!!!
    Kawaski needs to supply us with one of them R&D kits for FREE.

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