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    Thermostat clamp sizes

    There is a thread or a post not sure right now that says how many and the correct sizes to replace the Oetiker clamps for some adjustable ones.

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    Thats where I saw them, thanks . you da man

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    Armin // Jerry,

    I did a little research and found the Thermostat Crimp Clamp sizes right on the RIVA Performance Parts Installation directions Web Page #6~~Illustration #15 for the 4-TEC Thermostat install.

    The Clamps themselves are found at on the on-line catalog page 254.

    I took the Clamp size shown on the RIVA Illustration and found the Clamp p/n which i.d. dimensions fell within that spec.

    These Clamps are the same Oetiker Clamps Sea Doo repackages and kicks the price up exponentially.

    I have used them for years for Fuel System rebuilds, etc,etc,. 300 Series Stainless Steel // high quality.

    A bag of 25 clamps @ 12.62 (for the largest 45.5mm Clamp) comes out to about .51/ea. vs. $4.35 for p/n 293650045 from Sea Doo for the same Water Pump outlet 45.5mm Hose Crimp Clamp.

    Obviously, you can save your customers some cash here sir.
    (aka David_HX_RXP)
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