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    750 Sts

    Working on a 750 for a friend. I'm in the process of putting the ski away for the winter (20's for lows this weekend). Is there any way to hook up a flush kit on these units?

    Also, tried starting the ski with no luck. Pulled plugs and they are soaked. She said the gas was turned off while trailering. I pulled the plugs and removed the flame arestor to let the cases breath. Any other way to get the fuel out from down stairs.

    What does the pull cable next to the pipe do??? That has always puzzled me is there a PDF file online???

    Thanks for any info


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    the pull cable, on the exhaust is for a crank case drain. "if" the cases are really full of fuel, you can pull that, and drain it. trun the motor over while you are, to push out any fuel.

    i would just be the battery is dead though. pretty common this time of year.

    there is a "flush" on the top of the head, on the 750. look at the fitting, where the hose comes out of the head, and goes to the pipe. there is a larger nipple, that is capped off, with a rubber cap, and clamp. you can flush here, with a garden hose. be sure to have the ski running before you turn on the water, then turn off the water, before turnning off the ski, to avoid filling the motor with water.

    to winterize, add stabil to the tank, and fill it up all the way. run the motor, and "blip" the throttle to blow water out of the exhaust. at the same time, we use the air compressor, and blow water out of the motor, through the "flush" nipple. fog the motor with fogging oil to kill. pull the plugs, and spray more fogging oil in. grease every thing, cables, ect. pull the battery, and you are done.


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    Thanks for the update. I took the nipple cover off and hooked up a hose while it was running to get the stabilizer into the carbs. Can I also poor RV coolant into the hose(on the head) and water box to help with any water that I can't blow out??

    Motor was extremly flooded. Needed to pull the flame arestor and use some carb cleaner to dry the case out. I did fog the ski 2 times and also used a little trick to get some oil into the cases. Battery was pulled and I used the spare from my ski's to get it to turn over.

    Time to get the sleds ready for winter!!

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