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    Intermediate shaft HOUSING question.

    Does the back of the housing, the side facing water, have a small relief vent for grease? Mine has a tiny hole, or loose spot on the rubber to inside seal holder, by where the grease is injected. Since my housing insides were full of water, I wasn't sure if this was a grease pressure relief, and that my water came from bad seals, or what?
    I am changing out to the 2" extension and that how I found it, bearing is good, but bad seals may be where small amounts of water have made it into boat.
    PS, I am using all new seals and bearing.

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    Good question. I have seen water in two different ones, and one came off my ski and ran perfect before. When we pressed the new shaft in I greased the hell out of it. I will be greasing that frequently. I figure if it is full of grease there is nowhere for water to go. Be sure to use the marine grease that doesn't breakdown with water.

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    yes ive had water come through the housing and drip from my grease nipple into the about a hard to find leak.... if you pump grease in and it comes out the water side rubber seal then its bad....

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