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    Question about getting Top End on my 01 GP1200R?

    I bolted on some Island Racing modded Carbs, went premix and put a 150 PSI head and a D-Plate on my GPR. I premixed my oil on the thicker side for its first time out w/o oil injection, and I thought I would gain top end but what I got was ungodly fast midrange, and 64 mph on my GPS--same as stock. Unfortunately my tiny tach died so I don't know how many rpm's I am turning.

    I am also using Riva sponsons and an R and D intake and stock ride plate which probably added drag but I stayed very well hooked up. Sponsons are in the middle position. I don't know how many mph this set-up subtracted from me.

    I am going to use either Penzoil or the rest of my yamalube until I go with only Amsoil next spring. What is the best premix ratio to use?

    I really can't see an impeller giving me 6 mph of top end (my goal on this was 70 mph, but stable). I bog badly out of the hole and I am hoping its the oil being too thick because I don't want to have to remove my carbs again, but once the ski catches, its the best midrange I have ever felt on a Stage II GPR.

    I haven't put the R and D CDI in it yet, as I am trying to figure things out one at a time. I am wondering if this will increase my top end at all.

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    What is the condition of the impeller and impeller clearance??

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    You gained from the carb mod then lost it by replacing cat con with the d plate. Your pump sealed? What prop? R&D 1200 grate i assume,its slower than the OEM grate(dont run stock grate)You must get another tach and let us know your rpm's.VERY IMPORTANT.

    What was your weather conditions? (RAD)
    How much fuel?
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    Figure 100 rpms up top is almost 1mph. Without a modded ride plate 70 will be tough.

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    "I bog badly out of the hole and I am hoping its the oil being too thick"

    oil being thick was probably not the cause - I once ran 16:1 (I can't mix oil properly) and ski ran fine

    typically you want to be 32:1 or 40:1

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