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    Speedometer flaking out

    I am running an Ultra in Thailand. I'm having a problem with the speedometer suddenly dropping its reading from 30 or 40 km/hr to half but the ski is actually running with no actual speed drop.

    I do not notice nether speed change nor the RPM drop (when the reading drops, it was about 5000+ RPM. I was able to get up to 7000+ RPM before. The speedo logged in top speed at 112 KM/hr.

    This is happening to two skis and boat is pretty new at 5 and 9 hours. The water is fresh and warm. The paddle wheel in the back seems to turn freely.

    Can any one advise where can I check? The dealer set the system to metrix before the skis were delivered to Thailand.

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    I learned quick not to trust my speedometer on my ski and went out a bought myself a GPS

    But before I had my GPS when I thought my speedometer was messing up I took it apart cleaned it and put it back on and gave it a shot of WD-40 and it seemed to work better

    I went to my local Bass Pro Shop's and got a nice Garman E-Trex waterproof GPS with a plastic mounting brace that I put on my glove box and only spent about $100.00

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    Loosen the 2 bolts holding your speedo sending unit and push the assembly down as far as it goes, then tighten the two bolts.

    But if you’re turning only 5000rpms then you have other issues, fouled plugs come time mind after half dozen or so threads on them

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