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    Got spark, fuel pump works, dry plugs...

    1991 Yamaha Waverunner 650

    I found that my stop switch is bad. Now I have spark at my new spark plugs I put in today. Then tried starting it and not one single fire. Plug was dry. I didn't have enough fuel in the tank. Put fresh fuel in, emptied the fuel filter and tried cranking again. I watched the fuel filter fill with fuel while trying to crank. So I know the fuel pump works fine. Continued and no fire. Pulled the plug again and still dry and clean.

    Where would you check next?

    Thanks alot!


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    Got spark or no spark ?
    If you have spark and I think you do now,Now I have spark at my new spark plugs
    Spray a little gas in the carbs it should fire/start.
    It sounds like you need to go through the carbs and fuel system to get it running right.
    Pull both plug's and see if they spark first.

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    I did what you said and poured some fuel in the carb and it fired up but did not stay running. So I did it again and started and I could keep it running as long as i work the throttle. If I let go, it dies and will not crank unless fuel is poured in the carb. So it seems that its starving for fuel. With it running it must be strong enough to pull the fuel through where its blocked (if it is).

    Anyone have a suggestion of whats blocking the fuel at the carb?

    It poured out smoke when it did crank - seemed like alot to me but I don't know how much smoke there should be. This is my first jet ski.

    1991 Yamaha Waverunner 650 - mixed fuel version



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    rebuild carb and you will be good to go also check all fuel lines and replace if worn,cracked,split or clogged

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    Are there places that I could send the carb to and they would rebuild it and send it back with factory settings? I hate dealing with carbs myself!

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    Yes,but do it yourself
    1 carb or 2 ?
    Its easy and quick.
    I inspect mine every year but recomend a inpection or rebuild every 2-3 years if the check valves go bad on a 65U motor its a time bomb.
    Internal filters get cloged and the external filter.

    Might just need cleaned out and not rebuilt,post pics these guys will help you out.

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    It has one carb on it. I don't know the exact model of the carb. Its a 91 waverunner I do know with a single carb. I looked in my Yamaha shop manual telling how to remove and put back in the carb and not bad. I just have to figure which carb kit I need exactly and will try it.

    So far I only have $3 in the whole jetski for new spark plugs. So spending around $50 on the carb kit is not bad. The guy who "gave" me the jetski for free watched me crank it today. I told him he could borrow it anytime once I get it going. Only fair since he just gave it to me!



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    Learn your carb you will be a happier owner and check your reeds while you do the rebuild! pwctoday has a great rebuild guide and stick to Factory carb parts Z

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