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    1992 sp blowing 5 amp fuse

    I just traded for a pair of 1992 sp's. One runs fine and the other will not start. It blows the 5 amp fuse in the Electronic Ignition Module. I have a replacement that came with the ski it is a different style. It wouldnt start with that one either but the solenoid would click. I can jump the solenoid and the motor will turn over. It seems like a short but I figured I would ask and see if there is a common issue in old skis like these.
    If any one knows any cheap tricks or DIY mods that will help these skis I would love to hear them most of what I read is get a better engine if you want to go faster. I also just noticed it dosent trim must be a 94 option or something like that.
    Thank you

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    Usually if it blows the 5 amp fuse then the MPEM is fried,there is a small diode inside that goes out,there are a few people repairing those now,if the other MPEM will make the unit turn over but not start then the rev limiter circuit is probably bad on that on,you can disconnect the wire going from the MPEM to the coil,it disconnects the rev limiter circuit,you cannot operate it like that because it also disconnects the stop circuit as well.

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    The other MPEM will only make the solenoid click. It has to 40 amp relay looking boxes with fuses in the lines. But the 5 amp fuse was replaced with a 15 amp so it must be bad also. If i remove or disolve all the potting material does any one know what the diode is that needs to be replaced or will it be obvious? I was thinking maybe radio shack for parts.

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    When you replace the 5amp fuse with a larger fuse then you burn the whole circuit out and it is no longer repairable.

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