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    Question winterize 04 3D 781cc

    Is there anything special to winterizing this toy? I ran antifreeze thru the flush line until it came out the exhaust. Heard that may not be enough on a injected engine, Anyone have more info?

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    welcome to GH.

    Do you have the Operator's Manual? -follow the storage proceedure.

    If not:
    1-add fuel stabilizer.
    2-flush the ski on the hose(while RUNNING).
    3-fog the intake through the plug in the air box.
    4-remove the spark plugs and fog the cylinders (bump the starter & repeat)
    5-add ~pint of pure antifreeze to the top cooling line on the head.
    6-remove the battery and service the jet pump and carrier bearing.
    7-drain the magneto!!!
    Yes, the RFI motor has a twist. There is a drain fitting at the bottom of the magneto cooling unit(at the bottom, front of the engine). Remove the hose fitting and let both sides drain completely. Reinstall fitting.

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    i've run antifreeze through the engine on my friends machine for the past few years and no troubles so far. i didn't use the flush line, but ran the antifreeze directly through the cooling inlet on the head. i've never drained the magneto, but will this year for added protection. that is if it isn't already pooched. it's been below 0 for a few weeks now overnight and he has yet to run any antifreeze through it.

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