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    Question 1200r Outer exhaust joint = bog?

    could my large bog have been such a silly thing
    where the exhaust joins there is two rubber joints, an inner and an outer.
    Could fitting the outlet of the outer in the wrong position cause a large bog
    where the outlet hose comming off is pictured at the bottom and its where the rubber tab lines up between the exaust marks
    Well ive been putting the water outlet hose on the top, can it be this simple

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    yes if it is leaking water or exhuast.
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    not leaking either,
    but i thought something that was important enough to put alignment marks on it, could make a difference

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    this is the correct way but i've been putting at the top
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    To my knowledge this makes no difference. A bog is usually a lean condition. Have you made any carb adjustments?

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    Thats not going to make it bog. Its supposed to be on the bottm for draining reasons when the motor is not running. It will eventualy drain out of the rear stinger area.

    Either a carb or PV issue most likely.

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