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Thread: UltraLX or 15f?

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    UltraLX or 15f?

    Both of these ski's have the same power, what recommends one over the other, besides price? Is the 15f faster and better accelerating? How about ride and handling? I don't want a turbocharged ar supercharged ski, but would like those familiar with both of these to give me a good comparison.
    This would be used as a family ski, carrying 2-3 and pulling a tube/ water ski.

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    lx if pulling, 15F for cruising.

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    I am guessing the lx would have the better rough water handling of the two? I am trying to decide on a kawi too, and my area has mostly rough water (gulf of mexico).
    Skip, why do you say 15 f for cruising?

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    What type of riding will you do most?

    For a family ski I'd go with the LX. Riding 3 up on the 15F in rough chop is not that fun. Top speed for the LX is ~55 while the 15F is ~60-62, but again for a family ski top speed isn't the priority. The 15F can pull tubes and skiers with no problems.

    If you can pick calm days for family fun and if there are times when you will ride alone where you will want the accelleration and top speed I'd pick the 15F.

    Price the 15F gets the nod.

    Its all trade-offs


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    I would try an arrange either for the dealer to let you demo both skis or perhaps someone at your local riding spot will. There is no substitute for actually riding a ski. Doing so usually makes your decision a lot easier. Both are very good skis and you can't go wrong with either of them.


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    Which ski?

    We ran 12F's for two years and bought Ultra LX's this spring, so we've got a season on them. I did spend some time on a 15F as well, so I can at least offer my opinion: The 12F's are just as fast as the LX's and the 15F will smoke an LX. The LX is a great boat for different reasons. It's lots more stable with two up, a bit wet (the nose digs in all the time), not nearly as quick handling as the 12/15's. Lots more storage, heavier and longer. I use the adjustable bars on the LX alot and don't have a problem with the time-out battery shut off; just flip up the glove box cover and give the key a push. The front storage tray gets filled up with water pretty easily, Kawasaki could have engineered that a little better, I think. The engines have been totally reliable. The LX's are quite a bit better in rougher water, the 12/15 are just depends on what you want, but you can't go wrong either way. Both boats are somewhat of a compromise, but we run salt water all the time and like the rough water characteristics of the Ultra LX better than the 12/15F's. Again, your choice; both boats are great! AlaskaMike

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    The 15 F really is a large two seater, and the LX really is a true 3 seater. The 15 F is quick, nimble, and playfull. The LX is sturdy, stable and has decent torque.

    The 15 F doesn't have a forgiving ride in the rough, yet the Lx has one of the best rides in the rough stuff.

    Think of it this way, the 15F is like a Ford Expedition and the Ultra LX is like an Ford Excursion. Or for the Chevy fans the 15F is like a Tahoe and the Ultra LX is like a Suburban.

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    Have just purchased an LX after owning a STX 1100 DI (same hull as a 15F) so am familiar with the rough water ride. After a big ride on the 1100 my legs and back usually were sore for a day or two after. With the LX no sign of soreness so for me the LX is the craft if you want comfort. I quess if your after that extra top end speed then the 15F is the way to go. To each his own.

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    Ok i had the 250 and have 2 15f
    lx for OLD 15f For FUN

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