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    07 150 speedster Hour meter

    The software update is out, I just had it uploaded on my boat when I took it in for service. Although the service department tried to charge me 41 bucks for labor, I told them no way this is new boat and that is a warrenty item, they agreed. I have not had the boat out to test and see if the hour meter fix acutally works or not yet, I will let you know. Also for those of you that have an 07 150 Speedster there is a recall on one of the gas shocks, my guess is it is the one that holds the glove box open (right in front of the stearing wheel). The service department here in Ft Myers did not fix it cuz they could not figure out which one was recalled. Anyway I will be taking it back and they will attempt to fix it again.

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    Thanks for taking the time to post. Please update after you take it out and let us know if it works.

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    The one that is concern is the one holding the rear engine cover (the big one), ...the problem is the pivot bolts which the shcok is mounted to on both ends....the pivots are bad, they can potentially break at any time and the cover can fall on your head injuring you.

    If the dealer don't know that recall than he is a the's written everywhere...!!!

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    Very good info,I just had my throttle cable jam in the cable line 2 weeks ago and it's in,so it looks like some more problems dealer needs to fix when I bring it in.

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