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    jet ski purchase

    do u believe that a used jet is a good choice for me to buy? and if yes what do you believe is the best one to buy yamaha or seadoo?

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    Take a look at these:

    FS 2003 Yamaha GP1300R ->

    2001 gp1200r 43.3hrs ->

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    for a first ski a good second hand one is a perfect choice, all the fun without the major outlay.

    i got both of mine second hand, the 1200 first and it had 45 hours on it for a bargin price and its only now i put 100 hours on it that it has needed any work done which was my fault anyway because i did not store it correctly over the winter.

    also asking a yamaha forum if you should buy a seadoo is not going to get unbiased answers, we are all yamai fans here haha

    spell out what your after and what you want to do with it and i am sure the crew will add their 2 cents on what would be a good choice for you.

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    A used ski is defintely the way to go. You won't have to spend 10 grand, only to let the value depreciate immediately. Check out the link to the GP1300R. Its a great ski!

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