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    What is a good time to trade/sell?

    What is a good time of year to trade in or sell a ski?...PR...

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    Not now! Prices are lowest now and usually best in spring. You know, when everyone has water fever! But, it does depend on where you live ............

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    If trading into a dealer I'm not sure it would matter. Wouldn't they give you the same price no matter what time of year? And maybe less if you waited until next year since then it is a year older. Just comtemplating, someone who works at a dealer would know for sure.

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    First weeks of december people buying christmas presents Then first of year folks spending christmas money and good ole UNCLE SAM money LOL Thats what I have noticed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Treemn View Post
    money LOL Thats what I have noticed.

    i like to NOTICE it changing from THEIR hand to MINE! PERIOD!!!!!!

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    my .02 is buy used skis now, even end of august sept,oct. people are trying to avoid another winterization and storage fee, by nov is almost too late.
    now is not the time to sell cuz its all lowball offers.
    sell the ski yourself in the spring march apr may june,
    people get itchy and are looking for used skis in the 3-6 thousand dollar range all the time. that s the time to sell.
    i would never trade or sell to a dealer, they wont give you a good price. buy the ski you want for next year now(if its used) and hold your ski till spring to sell yourself.
    if you canafford to tie up themney in 2 skis for 6months...
    i did th is last year, bought agreat pair of 03 seadoos, for a real good deal in october, then sold my gsx/spx 6 months later in june for a good price.
    i eaily could have lost 3k if i had sold my skis in fall and bought the new ones in spring...

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