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    How to properly modify your stock intake for maximum performance step by step..

    First remove your stock intake grate.....
    Second place on concrete pad ....
    Third Beat it into bits!!!!

    I was warned about using stock intake grate, but this weekend, I removed the nitrous bottle and went on 2 day ride with Fountain Boys. I figured, no nitrous, speeds less then 72 I would be ok...RIGHT ?????

    WRONG.... in front of Tommy Jordan, Mike Smith, Ron Allison, Barry, Keith Miller, Tommy Stubs, Bushy I was running 72.3 on GPS and WHAM !! HOOK turn and tossed me off splash!!!! My ski did 90 degree turn, and slammed into a tree. WHY COULDNT I HAVE LISTENED !!!!

    What running the stock grate cost me..
    Bruised ski ( on nose) 350.00 to repair
    Lost my glasses 150.00
    Ruined my EGT 50.00
    Got water in my Razor phone 200.00
    750.00 cost for choosing to run the stock grate instead of 1200 riva I had.....

    Gain 1.6 mph in glass..... in Rough, the 1200 riva was WAY Faster!!!

    This ski only has dplate and EFI controller for engine mods... please please pleaseeeeeeeeee listen better then I did, and remove your stock grate before doing ANY MODIFICATION!!! There is no warning, it happens instantly and your swimming...

    The line to say " I TOLD YOU SO.... starts on left please...
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    DANG! Glad your ok.This is a prime example why NOT to run the stock grate.Again,really glad no one was hurt.Sorry to hear about the damage to your ski. The ski is fixable,your body is not as easy.

    Lets run this post here for a while,then it will get moved later on to the PWC SAFETY forum.I want everyone to get a lesson out of this.

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    OUCH! No ridicule hear Bro.I just hope all newer forum members will be believers! Sorry for your loss Runwme

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    Just be thankful it didnt happen on your 80+ mph pass..

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    We TOLD you so !! sorry had to do if I really want to heavily modify the stock grate do I need to use a 2 lb hammer or just go to the big 10 lb you think long strokes are better than faster short strokes..sounds kinky....I think ill use the 10 lb hammer......glad your ski is really fast only having d-plate and controller....

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    Thumbs down ????????????

    Hey David....

    You Muppet...!!!!!

    Just think yourself lucky your "big thick skull hit" the water first..!!

    As stated above.. the ski can be fixed and your stuff replaced..

    People ain't so easy to put back together..!!

    Unless your name is Humpty Dumpty..!! (google it)

    Bottom line you're Ok..
    So thats good...


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    Glad your OK David. Think its worth about $1.50 at the recycle center.

    There are some pretty good size peices left, you can do better then that! Look at your ski one more time. JK.

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    For the record, never use a stock grate. Now, just to let you know
    runwme I have tested a stock grate at 69.1 mph, then installed a
    800 grate and the ski ran the same speed at 69.1 mph. So there is
    no speed gain using the stock grate over a 800 grate. The 1200 grate
    will be slower. The same thing will happen to you if you don't have a grate installed too. Its the overstuffing of the pump that is causing this, not
    really the grate, but the grate causes the overstuff because it is so open
    and allows to much water in the pump. Without the wing (centerpeice) on the R&D and Riva grates the same thing would occur. Thats what happens
    when the grate breaks, it then opens up to the water and away you go. There is no wing left to force the water back down straight, it then comes
    out the side of the pump tunnel, which then turns the ski at a 90 degree turn. The wave or air bubble will pick the boat up and cause it to turn, because its more to one side now. With the R&D grate in place the wings forces the air bubble down and it keeps it in the center of the hull, the results is the rear will just lift out of the water but the boat will stay straight. No mods will save you, modified holes in the shoe or jet work valves will not give you enough relief to stop this from occuring. People have been dieing from this since 1996, thats why you were warned by everyone that it would happen sooner or later.

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    Thumbs up Ah..??

    Good explanation Ben..

    That's whats been needed..

    There's been plenty of people saying Ah BUT my standard grate is the fastest one..

    Particularly when there's not that many mods on the ski..
    So they just want to stick with it..???

    This will all go around again in the not to distant future.. I'll bet...

    This particular thread will make good reading for the hard to convince..!!

    At least David can say..

    Hey... been there... done that... got the Bills to prove it.. (sorry no tee-shirt dude)


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    Glad you're ok David. If I'd know about this earlier, I'd have put the stock grate I have laying around in with the jet works valves that went out in the mail today, seeing as how you have a broken one that is...

    But seriously - glad you're ok. Sucks about the ski damage and everything else, but at least you're on the puter typing today...



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