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    i have a 92 sl 650. it seems to be having a problem with the buzzer. i am assuming that the buzzer is for overheating. i just got a new motor and somtimes the beeper will buzz or beep but in no consistant way. it does it for a while and then stops. i am thinking it is the sensor. what do u all think. and where is the sensor and where can i get a new one. please help i dont want to overheat a new motor. thanks

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    What originally killed the engine?
    Do you have a infrared temp gauge so you can verify temp?
    Check for cut or pinched wires.
    Pull the temp switch and put it in water of various temps and see at what temperature the switch closes using an ohm meter.

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    That buzzer may be the low oil sensor. Check your oil tank level.

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    there is a low oil sensor on 92 sl650s? i dont have any oil because i switched to pre-mix. so what should i do? also has anyone installed a temp sensor to there engine to get a real sense of how the engine is running? and if so where would u hook it up? thanks

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    find the oil sender and just disconnect it if not already done ? the aftermarket temp gages don't work well with these ski's because most don't read until 120 and the water in the system never really gets that high so as far as monitoring small changes it;s worthless but it will show a real problem Z

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