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    Stock Connecting Rod Length

    I've been searching for the stock connecting rod length for a GP1300R 60T. If anyone knows for sure it would be appreciated. Has anyone seen or know if anyone offers different length connecting rods for GPR engines? I'm looking to find the rod ratio of a stock engine. I'm thinking there would be a benefit to have the piston dwell at TDC and BDC longer. (Cyl filling, timing reduction) Thanks.

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    135 mm is the STOCK GPR rod 22mm piston pin
    Ratio 1.73 Low ratio for the length of stroke in watercrafts and sleds.

    You will only find a few 22mm piston pin rods longer Polaris 136mm and the 900rmk *dont know length) Most longer rods from Sleds use 24mm piston pins

    Other options for STROKERS and/or more dwell
    139mm 1985 CR500 rods
    144mm 1986-2004 CR500 rods
    Pistons = CR500 pistons obviously and/or the SEADOO mel miller (TSE) piston with 21mm pin and his bearings. Sizes are available from around 89-92mm.
    Call Bill Oniel at watercraftmagic 99% of all Seadoo race motors have the HONDA RODS with a 21mm piston pin and the special bearing

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    do the CR500 pistons have the same pin height as OEM 1300r pistons?

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