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    Stainless Steel impellers..polished or unpolished

    Hey guys
    When I purchased my boat SS propeller, the guy told me not to polish the prop because it will decrease an average of 2-5 HP depending on the load.
    It makes sense, because unpolished means more abrasion, but same thing apply to PWC impellers?

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    Good question, I'm sure Impros can shime in on this...or Carl, or Jim's.....

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    Thanks RX951
    I think I found the answer


    Q. What's the difference between a polished finish like Solas provides and a textured finish the way Skat-Trak does it?
    A. We have not found any performance gains by polishing impellers. Some people prefer the cosmetic appearance of the Solas, and some like the ground finish that Skat-Trak performs. We have found the finish that the O.E M. companies use in the latest high performance craft to work exceptionally well compared to a high polished look. Most professional engine builders/tuners prefer a textured finish on the impeller, with the pump being as smooth as possible. Since we have not found any performance gains one way or the other, our recreational finish used on our repairs provide exceptional performance. Each of our "Power-Tune" impellers are returned with our recreational finish unless you'd prefer our race finish as an option because we balance the impeller to a higher degree as the finish is applied, eliminating any chance of throwing it out of balance during the polishing process.
    Thanks again!

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