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    NJ Registration - NY Also?

    I am having a big problem registering my jet ski that I just bought. I have the title for the ski and trailor as well as a notarized bill of sale that I bought it. I just got back from the DMV and they told me that I could not register it because I bought it from some one that did not register the ski and therefore, he sold me something that was not his. So now they told me that the guy I bought it from has to contact the person he bought it from so that he can register it and then sell it back to me. Is it just me or is the crazy?!

    What do I do now? I bought it from this guy and have a noatarized bill of sale! This is rediculous!

    Now I live in NY but keep the ski's at a house in NJ so I wanted to keep it down here. Does anyone know the rules for registration in NY? Would it be easier for me to register it in NY and then move it down to NJ?

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    NYS DMV requires the same documents, no clue if the rule applies here that the previous owner needed to register it but I would imagine that may be a global check and balance to make sure that it isn't stolen.

    Question is why didn't your seller ever register it??? Sounds like something wierd but sure. I know for a fact that NY doesn't follow titles on PWC's and if it is the same in NJ then there point may be the fact that all you have is a piece of paper that is only somewhat official(notarized, but this doesn't hold water due to the fact that there are a lot of public notaries that are issued notary stamps that they can access at home/work, etc.)

    Maybe try NY... probably identical though

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    in NJ you need any registration card... even if its from 3 years ago.
    if this ski is basically new and was never registered, you need to get in contact with the original seller/dealership to get you through the process.

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    i had the same problem with my gpr in 2001. i bought it from a dealer who got it back from a customer with 1/2 hour on the meter...and it was never registered. the dealer sold it to me as "used"...i had the bill of sale from the dealer and all documentation....dmv told me i didnt have enough info.

    the dealer gave me a notorized letter and that still wasnt enough. the dealer had to go to drive to the guys house who originally bought the machine and have him sign the title/origin certificate.

    once the original title/origin certificate was signed dmv would process the paperwork...this was because i had supporting documentation from the dealership.

    NJ more then one way.

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    I had sort of the same problem when i bought my 03 1300 used in late 2003. I live in Pa. Bought the ski and trailer from a guy on long island. The ski was registered in Ct, but the used 2003 trailer had an open title(someone traded it in to dealership with another ski and it was given to the guy with the 1300 when he bought it) from long island powersports.

    When i went to register them in Pa. i didnt have a problem with the ski since i had the current registration signed from the last owner. But the trailer was a problem since it was still registered to the original owner and signed over to long island powersports.Noone but L.I Ps knows the original owner.

    So, I had the registration and the bill of sale from L.I powersports of the 1300 and the trailer. The Tags place here in Pa(we have privatized DMV) told me they couldnt do it because L.I Ps technically owns the trailer,not the guy i bought it from.

    The tags place gave me 2 options(off the record)
    1. Go to L.I Ps and have them register it in thier name and then sign over the new registration to me so i can re-register it in my name in Pa.

    2. Use an eraser and get rid of L.I Ps name off the endorsment on the registration and write my own name in and go to the auto tags place down the road as if the owner sold it to me directly.

    I went with option 2. It went very smoothly when i went to the new tags place. I made no mention of L.I Powersports. They verified the Vin #'s on the trailer to the reg card and it all went through.

    I was alittle nervous that the Pa Fish & Boat commision would see i changed out the endorsment(You could tell it was erased if you looked at it close enough) but luckily, state workers are lazy.

    I had to do something illegal to get something i know is legit, Legal. it worked for me and i sleep good at night.

    It is an option for you to get the ball rolling on your transfer.
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    If the title is signed and notorized by the 1st owner then the bill of sale needs to be signed and notorized by the 1st owner...

    Is the tile signed and notorized?

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    Generally they require each owner to register for one reason, money. They want the funds that each transfer generates. Each state varies somewhat on the requirements but some allow dealer to dealer signing over the titles but require all individuals to pay the fees.

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    I have a bill of sale that is notarized and signed by the guy that I bought it from. When I bought the ski and trailor from him, he had a plate fore the trailor and a registration card for the ski which is why I dont understand why the DMV is giving me trouble. The guy gave me all of his info and they say that because it is not in their computers, it does not exist, even though he has the papers.

    Something similar happened when a friend sold their house. They had work done to the place before the township got computers and before they changed some work codes. So when he went to sell, because the papers of the work were never put into the computers, they said that it was illegal work. He got the papers of the work, showed it to them, and then theys till fought with him saying that it doesnt matter if he has the papers if its not in the computers.

    This is rediculous. I really dont know what to do now. I cant track every owner of the ski down. I have the titles and bill of sale. The only thing is that the back of isnt signed by the guy that I bought it from because there was no room left.

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    im going through the same thing right now, got a js440 off craigslist. the guy bought it and it needs a little work and he basically got in over his head, i bought it and got the notorized bill of sale but since he never registered it im having trouble. I can even get his bill of sale but that was never notorized. you have to call trenton and they will send you a packet you must fill out that claims the pwc as abandoned. im waiting on the packet as we speak. or else try going to different dmv's because my last one i registered with no problem and it was the same thing the guy i bought from never registered lol

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    technically can you register your trailer as homemade and just weigh it ?

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