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    NJ Registration - NY Also?

    I am having a big problem registering my jet ski that I just bought. I have the title for the ski and trailor as well as a notarized bill of sale that I bought it. I just got back from the DMV and they told me that I could not register it because I bought it from some one that did not register the ski and therefore, he sold me something that was not his. So now they told me that the guy I bought it from has to contact the person he bought it from so that he can register it and then sell it back to me. Is it just me or is the crazy?!

    What do I do now? I bought it from this guy and have a noatarized bill of sale! This is rediculous!

    Now I live in NY but keep the ski's at a house in NJ so I wanted to keep it down here. Does anyone know the rules for registration in NY? Would it be easier for me to register it in NY and then move it down to NJ?

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    You have to get a Bill Of Sale form the last registered owner. If that is the guy that your guy bought it from get in touch with him for a Bill Of Sale.

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    do you want to take the straight-edge legal approach?

    or do you want to just get the thing in your name with as little hassle as possible?

    all you have is a title? no current registration?

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    I just want the thing in my name and registered so that there is no trouble.

    How am I suppose to get ahold of the previos owners previous owner?

    And the guy that I bought it from supposibly did have it registered. When I bought it from him he showed me his registration paper and he had a plate on the trailor! So even when I gave the DMV his info, they told me that because its not in the computer, he never legally owned it. I really dont understand this when I saw the papers.

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