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    need to build a ski anyone want to help???

    hey just curious if any one is interested in helping me build a craft. there is a race in january so i need to build a ski fast! its an off shore race so im wanting to go with a fx with 1300 inside.... whats a realistic speed dropping a 1300 in that hull almost fully modded i say almost cause i want to stick with single pipe cause its off shore and i dont want to run more than a 1:1 race fuel/pump gas ratio... think i can get to 78 ISH??? someone pm me if you want to help me build a ski

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    The FXHO and the 1300 are about the same horsepower stock, the HO does 59mph in stock trim. The FXSHO with 200+ hp does around 66-67 in stock trim. Do I think you will get to 78ish, no. I really don't see the point in your project here. Don't get me wrong, it's an interesting idea but you just need to be real about your expectations and understand all the work/fabrication that is going to be involved. To me the results/work ratio won't be good on this one.
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