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    Sucked up some seaweed in the intake and high rpms but low speed

    I took the boat out and was doing good until we hit an area that had alot of floating seaweed. We slowed down but when we tried to go again it seemed that at 3200 rpm we were going 5mph. We stopped the boat and pulled some seaweed out of the intake but we were not able to get moving like usualy i think we topped out at 20mph at 5k rpm. We heading for the dock and took it home. I looked in the intake and nothing but the impeller and when we hooked up the hose to clean it out a little more seaweed came out.

    Now my question is.

    What is in between the intake and the impeller? Isn't it the jet pump? And if so ow can I check it out to see if its clogged? My dealer charged me 1k to fix it last time when I sucked some sand that clogged the exhaust and I don't want to have to pay him 6 hrs labor for exploratory surgery!


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    Anyone have a how to on opening the jet pump to inspect/remove seaweed?

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    No need to remove anything. Slide under the boat with a flashlight and look up into the grate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DSquare View Post
    No need to remove anything. Slide under the boat with a flashlight and look up into the grate.
    We cleared the intake grate when we took it out of the water. And I slid under the boat when I got home from the water and I see the intake grate and the impeller(? the 3 tier blade) and it was clear. We flushed the engine with salt away and a tiny piece of seaweed not bigger than my thumb came out.

    I hope to take it out soon to test it. But it was going about 1/2 the speed as usual but the rpms were high and we weren't movin very fast.

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