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    Has anyone else ran into Higher RPM's in Right turns

    I noticed on my last ride that on a long straight run I would top out around 7990 RPM's and if I made a left turn it would drop RPM's depending on how hard of a left turn I made it may drop to around 7600 ...but... If I were to make a right turn the RPM's would go UP somewhere around 8140-8190...All of this is on WOT

    It did it every time I made a right turn so its not like it did it once or twice

    And time after time I would try to get those RPM's on a straight away run it would max out around 7900-7990ish

    Is this something I should have checked out ?

    Thanks for any help guys
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    exhaust is on the left as a possibility

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    Could be poss I didnt think of that Ill check into that

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    I know our FX1 pole ski used to go faster laying it over slightly to one side. Its has something to do with the way the prop spins and the load on it but never have bothered to study it.

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    Yup, what Fussy said, its the way the impeller turns, and how the pump loads. Its true on all skis ... long sweeping RIGHT turns result in higher rpms, left turns, lower rpms ...

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    Ok cool


    Now I am not freaking out thinking something is worng

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    I have the same issue on the 310r

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    Totally normal, don't worry about it.


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    wow an old thread, its no issue just normal as less resistance to the hull/pump turning in the direction the prop spins.

    Quote Originally Posted by H20mxracer223 View Post
    I have the same issue on the 310r

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    I have the same issue with my airplane. The prop slows down when I go straight up and speeds up when I go straight down...

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