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    Xl1200 shutting off

    I had some problems starting recently and cleaned battery/starter terminals which made a difference. But now sometimes after it starts it will run for about a min and then just shut off. Then I have the same problem again where it wont even crank the engine. Is it possible that the battery or electrical contacts could be causing this problem after the ski is running causing it to die?

    thanks, Bill

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    I guess the key would be what does it take to restart after it dies? you should verify battery condition but you might be getting a seizure due to an oiling /fuel issue if one cylinder is not getting the proper oiling the piston will stick in the cylinder shortly after starting then after it cool they tend to start again without hesitation Z

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    After the ski dies it will act as if the battery or electrical connection is dead again. The engine does not crank, just click or low humm. If you wait a few mins it will crank and run, but then die again. Oil level OK , but it acts like electrical problems. I don't know much about PWC's, but once the engine cranks and is running, could the battery or cables/grounds cause this problem?

    Thanks for your response, Bill

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    there may be plenty of oil in the bottle but what Z is saying is it may not be getting delivered to the cylinder or cylinders.

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