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    What to look for in a 1996 Kawasaki ZXi 900

    Hi there,
    I am new to the PWC scene and am looking at purchasing a tidy 1996 ZXi 900.
    Just trying to get a few tips as to what to look for in terms of faults. It's had a recent pump change but in terms of the engine etc what should I look for??
    Any help would be great thanks,

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    Check the compression and crank index. Piston wash would be another thing to look at if you have the tools. If not, check the plugs for signs of bad tuning.

    Also, check the trim to make sure it works. These models had a real bad problem with the water coming back through the trim cable and filling the trim unit with water.

    I would also ask if there has been any recent engine work done to the ski. I have seen alot of people have problems with a ski, throw a new piston in it, and quickly sell it.

    Let us now how it goes.

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