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Thread: Condensation

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    I just got the ski back from the dealer after the 10 hour service and winterization. The tank is only about half full, and from what I (think I) know, the tank should be full for winterization because condensation will form in the tank and water will enter the gas. Should I fill it up?

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    Yes, it should be nearly (95%) full and have some Sta-Bil in it.... Ron

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    I just run it down til the ski is beeping at me like crazy. Throw in a little stable run it through the fuel lines and you're set. That way you don't spend all that $$$ and have a fuel tank of gas with stable to run through your first couple rides of the next season.

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    I worry about condensation in cars with steel gas tanks, ski's with plastic tanks I like to leave it low on fuel so I don't have to worry about stale fuel on the first ride of the season.

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    I thought condensation occured when the air temp on one side of a surface was drastically different than that on the other....or...when warm air blew against a cool surface?

    A fuel tank is a closed system...where is it getting enough air to form any apprecaible amount of water?

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    Some enters through the fuel vent that exits under the rubrail..

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    Wouldn't it have to sorta be circulating or something?

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    fill it up to the top

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    Stabil- start the engine and forget about it. OR Freeze your ass off and emty it

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    ill fill it, because the IC and everything has been winterized so I dont want to start it again..

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