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    How to center the Flow-rite

    IM attempting to install my RIVA 2'' flowrites, I cant seem to figure out what to use to make the hole right smack in the middle. There is a line on the cowl where im supposed to drill but I want to make sure its centered.
    What did you guys do to make sure it was perfectly alligned ?

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    I cut a piece of gasket material (or thin cardboard) the same diameter as the flo-rite with approx. a 1/8" hole in the middle. Put it where I wanted it and marked the hole with a pen. Thats the mark for the drill bit on your hole saw.


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    If you look at the inside of the cowl you will see lines in the plastic. on the other side of the lines are reinforcing ribs. What I did was put the centering bit on the diagonal line and I moved it down the line till I cleared the horozontal line with the hole saw so I would not cut through but one reinforcing rib. It is not centered between the reinforcing ribs on the inside but that is how it is shown in Riva's instructions.

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    Yo MIARider, Take your flowrite flip it over, place it on your ski where you want it, then take a "Sharpie" and make a dot right in the middle of the flowrite screen, marker dot goes right through screen material and will transfer to ski. Then take small drill bit to make starter hole, then switch to a hole saw, the type you use if you had to put a door knob in. I used a 2 1/2 inch hole saw...worked just fine. Just make sure you dont drill into anything on the inside you dont want F-up. Hope this helps ya. Mykull

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