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    Question price guide on gp parts....

    hi guys can a few of you throw a few prices at me for the following second hand parts so i can get an idea of what a project will cost in bits that i may go ahead with...

    gp1200 1998

    crank cases...assume there sold in pairs...

    crank... low hours good condition..

    thanks guys


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    All depends on what's on ebay

    Cases are like $420 brand new from, so I wouldn't pay more than $200 for a clean set.

    Cranks are tough. I got lucky and found a brand new hot rods cranl direct through wiseco's ebay store for $200 with shipping.

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    thanks mike.

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    Cool ????????

    Hey Paul..

    Whats the story on this GP1200 then...???

    Is it something you have a chance of..???

    If it comes your way cheap enough.. these ski's are mega for wavejumping..
    (because of the 0-40 time of like 3secs)

    I've had three of them in the past.. down to just my 98 one now...!!!
    (really can't wait to get it back in the water)

    Tell you what round a short(ish) bouy course my buds 04 GP1300r..
    (with mods... heads/open throttle bodies/auto drop/extended tabs/plate etc,etc)
    Can't catch.. let alone pass me.. (i reckon its down to his riding somewhat through)

    I'm pretty certain you will have had a blast on one before..??
    If you haven't..?? one blast and you'll defo want to buy it..!!!

    PM me some of the details Mate..


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