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    water intake for open loop cooling question

    The water intake for the open loop (exhaust) cooling is in the impeller pump housing. Does this intake ever get clogged with debris? Any way to check it without pulling the pump? The intracoastal waterway where I ride has some floating weeds and every now and then one will get sucked into the pump. When this happens the speed will drop big time and the OPAS will drop the fins making the ski unstable. I'll put it on the trailer, get a piece of wire and pull the weeds out of the pump and all's well again. So far I haven't had any issues with overheating the engine or exhaust and would like to keep it that way.

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    There is a plug on the pump ( no. 5)that will give you acsess to the water intake and you can ckeck for weeds and debrise

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    yes, black plastic plug. I`ve only had issues with eel grass and weeds when using the riva IC and NO strainer. once strainer was installed then now issues.
    flushing the ski after every ride usually takes care of this by back flushing.
    There is a seperate screen in the white 90 degree fitting that feeds water to the OPAS fins. This often gets clogged with sand and jambs up the OPAS cylinders...there is no flushing port for that...PR...

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