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Thread: I gotta vent!

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    I gotta vent!

    WTF, what`s with these peoples attitudes???
    Doesn`t any salesperson want to do their job and sell a freakin ski???
    One guy answeres "what do you want" is that the way to start a possible sales transaction... maybe I`m just retarded ...PR...

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    Dont judge me...
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    why does it matter you probl knew more about the skis then he did.... lol I know what you are saying....

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    i wanted to blow my OWN F**KING BRAINS OUT after my last visit!!!!!!!!! let it go!!!!!!! PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!

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    You just have to laugh it off as most car or motorsport salesmen haven't the fogiest clue. They will lie and tell you what you wantto hear to make the sale. You must be educated on the product you are buying and never ever take what a saleman states as fact. Here are a couple of things I remember during past transactions.

    Purchased a Z28 from a saleman with 20+ years exp. with Chevys. He said he had personally owned several Z's incluing one exactly like mine but a year older. He told me he loved cruisung with the T Tops off during the test ride. Upon delivery, I asked him to show me how the T-tops store in the trunk. He tried but had no clue. I had to show him. I said, "I thought you had one just like this?" He said it was his wifes car and they changed the holder mechanism for my model year...B.S! (all were the same)

    Went to a multi line powersport dealer to check out ski's. I was approached by a saleman every 2 minutes literally. (I was just looking). Finally some dude comes over and tells me about their blowout specials. I said "What kind of deal on the 250X?" He said he would have to check. His manager returns with him and said $10,500. I said that was too steep for me. He said, what are you looking to spend.? I said not that much. He says I have the perfect ski for you. He shows me a VX cruiser...You can have this one for $8K. I said I wanted something a bit more sportier. The manager says the VX is a rocket and will do 65MPH no problem. I said "really". How quick is the 250X then?...He said that will do 80MPH. After a nich laugh, I told him that he needed to get his facts straight. I quickly spit out the HP, Top speed, and MSRP on all units on the showroom floor. I then said if he wanted to ever sell me anything, he would need to ditch all the B.S and learn and know his business and walked out. You wonder why the bad reps they have.

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    this is about:
    I inquired about a sale/trade in deal for a left over 07 ski, after no return message or e-mails, I called and asked them if they recieved my message, they said yeah, it`s sitting on my desk, if I get around to looking at it, I`ll call you. This was after his first words of, "what" do you want when I got them on the phone ... such rude arrogant behavior. If they wanted to do a deal, they had the chance...PR...

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    Andy what dealer if you dont mind me asking?.

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    OMG he answered the phone WHAT DO YOU WANT...... WOW!!!! I only do that to my x girl friend....

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    you talk to your X?

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    Andy find yourself another dealer and when that lazy a$$, worthless piece of s**t that calls you, tell them I bought a ski from "so and so" and paid $2,000 more than MSRP.

    When I bought my ski, I visited the dealer on Saturday and was approached by a sales person. I told the a$$hole (I mean sales person) "I was just looking and was not interested in buying one." After telling him this, he did not go away, he then tried to tell me about how the RXT was the best ski on the water. I flat out told him "I don't care for your line of bull s**t. I will ask the question and you give me an answer." Here were my question, with his response:
    1. How much? 11,499
    2. I will ask you again, How much? Let me go ask my manager. Manager comes over and I ask him.
    3. How much? 12,499
    4. Why did the price just jump 1,000? What did he say?
    5. Why did you just add $1,000 on the MSRP? I included TT&L, and then he goes off on some sob story about how people only what to pay the MSRP and Woods does not profit off of this type of sale. What do I need to do get you to buy this ski today?
    6. I will ask the questions and you will answer them, and no beating around the bush. How much if I buy it today? 11,000
    7. Does this include TT&L on the ski and TT&L on trailer? You never mentioned about a trailer, with trailer it will be $14,000
    8. For that kind of money I will go buy 2 Hondas and trailer, have a nice day, and left. Sir I can come to 11,500 with trailer and that is out the door price. Sorry you had your chance, get out of my way cause I am leaving.
    When I descided to buy one, the following Monday, I called up the dealer and told the operator can you ask the sales people who talked to a person about a Seadoo RXT, she told me she would try to find that person and they will call me back. Wednesday comes around and I ask the operator again, she remembers telling them but does not remember who the person was, so I asked to talked to a sales person. When the sales person (Daniel Z.) gets on the phone I tell him about my Saturday adventure and this is how my purchase went:
    1. "I am not waiting for this a$$hole to call me, do you want to sell me the Seadoo RXT?" The way I see it he does not want to make money and I all for making money. Tell me your offer and I will check with my manager".
    2. $10,000 without the trailer and 10,500 with the trailer and these are out the door price". OK
    3. "Who is going to be the sales manager who will make this final decision? Mike S.
    4. Does he look like 12 year kid? No, what do you mean?
    5. I talked to a sales manager on Saturday that looking like a 10 year kid because his face was as smooth as a 10 years old. Haha, we don't have anyone here who looks like, that I know.
    Daniel later (1 hour) calls me up say they can do the $10,500 price for the ski only. I then give them a counter offer of $10,500 plus 1 life jacket of my choice. We settle on the $10,500 plus 1 life jacket.

    To make an already long story short. When I go pickup my Seadoo RXT, the a$$hole sales person and the child manager comes over and tries to talk to me. After a minute or so (seemed like an eternity) Daniel comes over and tells me Mike S. is waiting for me, I made the remark to Daniel "This is the the 10 year I was telling you about, see he has no facial hair what so ever."

    This past April I bought a motorcycle from the same dealer, and of course Daniel Z. and Mike S. sold me the bike. Again I went on Saturday to look, and Wednesday I purchased the bike for $7,599, this included $700 in accessoies, and it only took 2 round of offers to get to this price. When I buy another ski I will only deal with these two guys.

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    haha i can sympathise , theres a few places here in sydney like that.

    they talk from another opening in their body thats not their mouth

    i refuse to buy a new ski here, a new GPR is 19K RRP and a new seadoo RXP is 23K AUD now considering that our dollar is now .93 cents US there is something very very wrong with our pricing and thats before you take into consideration fuel is 1.50 a litre on the water from marina's.

    i buy second hand, works for me so far...

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