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    99 Challenger vs. 04 Sportser LE DI

    I know these two are quite different, but I am having trouble deciding. This will be my first boat.

    On the Sportster LE DI: It's an 04 with 40 hours. I'm guessing I'll pay about 6500. Is this a fair price? NADA avg value is 7700, but I know that's inflated, especially at this time of year. Is this going to be strong enough to tow a 200 lb skier/tuber? How much gas am I going to be burning with the 130 hp engine, for an hour of tubing?

    The Challenger is a 99, supposedly low hours, and needs a tune up so after that I will be paying around 6500 total. Is this a fair price (he was originally asking 7500)? How much gas am I going to be burning with 2 110 hp engines, say for an hour of tubing? Also, is this going to cost substantially more to maintain? I'm worried about having 2 engines to take care of.

    Thanks in advance for all your help

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    it depends on wat u would be using it for. me and my dad use a 98 challenger, which is pretty much the same. believe me, those twin 787 engine suck down a lot of fuel. but that boat is really stable, can go around 50 mph, and is a great boat to take people out on. im not sure about the sportster because its 3-4 feet smaller, but i think it has the 951 engine with fuel injection, and my neighbor has tht in his rx di, and barely uses any gas.

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    I had an 03 Sportster LE before upgrading and the boat was a perfect starter boat. Tubing people was very easy (even had dual tubers going).

    Skiing was ok.....Depending on how many people were in the boat I sometimes struggled getting an guy up.....once they were up, no problems.

    As for gas, it was fine, all day 6-8 hours of tubing/skiing would eat up about 3/4 of a tank.

    Good Luck with your decision!!!

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    Go for a 4tec engine models, either used or's more expensive on the buy for sure, but believe me just on the reliability and fuel economy versus the 2 will pay for itself in long term, plus you'll get a better resell value....2 strokes will eventually be banned more and more from lakes and water plants, so you might want to rethink about buying one, just put an eye on the outboard industry, they are turning to 4 stroke, and it is not a coincidence....they know what's coming for future.

    Anyway....your decision.

    I personnally own an 05 C180 with a 4tec SCIC, for your choice, i'd ask you a simple it primarly for water fun, sports, or for cruising around with peoples onboard...? If for cruising keep with a challenger, if for having sensations, and speeds....i'd go for a 4tec SCIC sportster.

    Decisions, decisions....i know...

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    I would go for the little one

    I have a 2005 Sportster LE DI, and it is a fuel sipper. Large slalom skiers will require you to upgrade impeller. You can do it stock, just not easy. Tubes
    and boards are no problem.
    The twin engine will tow anything you care too. Fuel burn on the twin
    787 is large. Not as bad as carbed Mercs, but pretty thirsty.
    As far as 2 vs 4 stroke, I suspect the the N.A. 4 tech boats would be more
    durable with proper maint. than a 2 stroke. But ya know, properly maint. 2
    strokes last a really long time too. The 2 stroke boat will be quicker than its
    4 stroke counterpart.
    I have had many small and large, single and twin engine sea doos. I went
    back to the single engine 14.5, and am pleased. Cool fast and fun, very easy
    to own, and cheap to run. As far as pricing.........where are you located?
    You can not touch those boats for that kind of money here in the North East. The 99, maybe, the O4,no way.

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