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Thread: Crashed my SKI

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    Crashed my SKI

    Hi guys..was wondering if anyone has an idea about how serious this is....Where i dock my ski its very narrow to pull out behind me there are a ton of rocks..I very little room to manuever out..

    Yesterday I was pulling out and the back of my ski hit the rocks and then swung around and i hit the front of it as well...Only vsible crack I can see is on the side of the ski more towards the back...It is not a hole just a crack where I can see the white behind the black outer shell...The black is starting to chip away when I touch it. I had one of the guys who works there put this green paste on it with some clear tape to stop any more water from getting in. What do you think I should do and how much you think it is going to cost ...thanks a lot

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    I'd take it to a fiberglass guy and have it looked at. A small crack can become a large one and you don't want that in the middle of the water. Shouldn't be too bad to fix now but if you let it go it might be more serious.

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    Ouch, I will be really upset when I get my first ding!!!! Know it's going to happen~~~just a matter of when, where, and how bad.
    My advice is not to beat yourself up over it but you probably should have it looked at. Sorry about your luck
    Better to ding your boat than your body!!

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