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    loss of rpm and power

    Yes, I am new and made a dumb mistake(I need confirmation though).

    Stock 1997 gp 1200 with 120-118-120 compression and will rev to 6900psi plus out of the water. I had some battery issues and while the ski was down I installed a primer kit and cut out the two middle bars of the stock intake grate.

    1.Did I need to adjust the carbs after removing the choke linkage?

    2.Did removing the two center (4 stock) bars from the intake grate really cost me 1500 - 2000 rpms max speed, and loss of thrust?

    What is the recommended intake grate and impeller for this ski in stock form?

    Thanks in advance for the help and suggestions.

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    You will have better luck posting this thread in the Old School section.

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    Removing the 2 centre bars is avery good mod on the older GP skis-All gain.
    I would check that the choke plates are fully open after the primer install-If they are not, that would cost you rpm's.
    Solas X0, then Skat/solas13/19 I would say.

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