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Thread: OEm intake

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    OEm intake

    i just extracted the mid section and hose that connnects to the SC, but now im having a problem with the beginning of the intake system. all the clips and wire ties have been removed. all the wires have been taken off too. so im having trouble fitting the intake outta the front bin opening.. any one have tricks as to do before i take a saws-all to it....

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    -----this was for an '05rxt-------ooops

    I don't know why you're having such a time.

    It's been a while since I took mine out but here goes....disconect the rubber hose at or about the blow by connection...take off the blow by....take off four bungies....take electric outa clips...take out and set aside electric box thingy past bend up front...take off inlet cover(i think)....pry up and sorta turn unit counterclockwise as you pull out toward the does come out in a hurry.

    Oh careful of the tank's vent hose.
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    having done this myself within the last 2 weeks it was anything but an easy removal.

    I recall looking at it a million times thinking it would be easy and still it resisted coming out. I scratched my head, paced back and forth, swore up and down, called it all the names I could think of, then looked at it from under the seat and figured I could get it out from under the hood, then went to the hood and it looked like it was easier to grab from in front of the battery.

    Finally I grabbed it and somehow pulled it out from the storage compartment.

    there is always the alteenative, Saws-all and vacuum

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    I remember I had to take that flat mushroom shaped piece off of the top of the airbox, with the warning stickers on it, that is held on by three screws. Once I did that, it allowed me to move the airbox around a little more in the front of the hull, until it came out.

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    hmm ill see what i can do come wendsday. thanks guys.

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