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    winterization 2007 RXP -- step by step?

    Hello again everyone! I am wondering, let's call me a charity case, or even better, call me a dumbass... but, given that the possibility exists I'd destroy my 2007 RXP, I humbly ask the board if anyone is aware of a step by step guide (with pictures?) that i can either buy or locate online?

    Several guys are selling the sea doo service manual on ebay for $20 or so in PDF form but in my experience the factory manuals are confusing at best and incorporate so many models that it gets confusing.

    I think i can get the dealer to $150 by negotiating. Do you think they'd let me watch the process so i can learn it for next year?

    Still needing help! Also, should i fill my fuel caddy (14 gallons, pep boys, $90! worth every penny) with 14 gallons, add sta-bil, and top off the RXP before running the engine to flush? it was flushed when i last took it out about 3 weeks ago. Do i need to reflush again? Or can i run the engine without water just to circulate the fogging fluid? And by the way, where is the fuel rail, and do i really need 89 ft. lbs torque when i'm putting it back?

    Thanks guys!!!!!

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    check your PM, let me know if you have any problems


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