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    How much is a non setback pump costing me?

    If I just upgrade my 01 pump to a 05 on, and not go setback, (transom plate is nicley sealed etc), how much am I loosing out?-Top end and hook up?

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    Good question. I don't have one in my ported 1300. I am going to get some baseline numbers this weekend then the next time out I should have the extension in. The air density will probably be different so if it is close I'll probably never know. I have heard they really help with hookup. Some say they increase top speed others say it decreases it. It is harder to get angle on the plate with it in there. Before I disassemble I'll get measurements on plate etc so I can duplicate the settings after install.

    Joe has one on the Spitfire and it sure handled the chop nice. I rhode his ski 84.2 in chop and felt confident so its goota be good for handling and hookup.

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    I had a 95xp800 with a 2inch extension and a 96xp which doesn't have one. They both are the same skis, except one had the 2 inch extension. With the 2 inch extension I had more porpoising then I did without it. Both skis were stock when I rode them for comparison.
    Hope this helps. I do run the 2inch extension on my GPR at the moment, but I have also wondered. I guess the only way to tell is to do it and see how your ski reacts.

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    probably no difference in top speed

    it is hard to measure hook-up - but it is safe to assume Yamaha wouldn't have added it if there wasn't some improvement

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