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Thread: RXT or RXT-X

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    RXT or RXT-X

    What would it take to make a 2006 RXT equal to the new RXT-X?

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    stage 2+

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    i was gonna say stage 3...or is that only the RXP-X/RXP

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    thought the rxt-x was just a cosmetic change.. pump size the same as the 07 RXT...

    its the rxp-x that has the bigger pump and external intercooler isnt it???

    i could be wrong

    i've been wrong before!!!!

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    Both "X" skis feature a larger SC which is comparable to a Riva S3 wheel in performance and an external IC. Both feature props desgined to be better out of the hole, but only the P-X has pump changes, i.e. the inlet width. Both no longer have a J-pipe. SC now features metal washers instead of ceramics for ALL models and a better lubrication system. You can read more about the '08's in Jerry's 2008 SeaDoo write up.

    They are stage 2 + skis as VAredneck said. In order to get a RXT to compete out of the hole you would need a stage 2 setup but with a Stage 3 SC and a 3 blade prop. As far as top end goes they should both be equal stock for stock because the prop on the RXT-X is designed to eat up HP and speed on top end in order to keep the boat under 70mph per USCG regulations.
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