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    Going to final stand on a jetski

    Hey guys and girls,

    Like it says...have owned Seadoos for a number of years and just brought home a few stand ups.

    2 - 650sx
    1 - 650 X-2

    I got these from my uncle and they have been sitting for years. I know they aren't the best stand-ups out there but good learners for me and my wife(who by the way loves to be out there with me). Anyway, need to know if anyone has a digital copy of the service manual. If not, I can check e-bay for a book. I thought there would be manuals floating all over the place but can't seem to come up with one without having to pay $30+.

    Thanks, can wait to get out on the water next season!
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    I got the 92-97 biker-books manual on CD from EBAY, but its passworded so you cant copy it. It's not a bad manual, but it does go on a bit...

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