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    How To: Pump Removal

    Hey, how about a how to for removing the pump?

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    This is from memory, so If I miss a step or size, feel free to chime in.

    1. Remove bot/nut from steering linkage from steering venturi with 10mm socket and wrench.
    2. Remove metric allen head bolt from VTS linkage located on steering venturi. This is a tight fitting plastic piece, but it will pop out after bolt is removed.
    3. Remove bolt/nut from reverse linkage with 10mm socket and wrench.
    4. With a long extension and 17mm socket remove the 4 bolts that hod the pump to the hull. I break all bolts loose in an X pattern and then remove in the same fashion.
    5. The pump can now be removed.

    **This is for pumps with the OPAS linkage removed**

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    Can anyone post pics on this would like more detail since I'm new to this, and plan on replacing wear rings .myself.

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