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    Jet Pump rebuild

    My dealer is telling me every 100 hours on my 07 Speedster 150 (155HP) I need to have some bearing checked in the Jet Pump but to check this bearing you gotta tear the jet pump apart, so they rebuild it every 100 Hours to the tune of 800 bucks!!! Is this really what needs to be done? How often do all of you rebuild the jet pump (have the bearing checked). Any input anyone has on this would be great. If this is true how long do most you go before having the pump rebuilt? I live in South West FL and can pretty much use my boat year round so at 100 hours every year to year and a half I would be rebuilding the pump. Does this sound right?


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    Thats Bull shit. Just a money maker for the dealer

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    Jet pump

    I agree with Len, (about the bs) the pump is supposed to be checked/regreased. $800 is completely out of line!!!! It should take no more than 2 hours and some material (grease). I would say $200 at the most per pump!!!! And that is at the ridiculous $85/hr my dealer charges.


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    I thought these pumps took oil not grease (my bro's 1997 doo does, my yami's use grease though), so we change his at the end of the season to get any water out each year with 75/90 synthetic, a 1 liter bottle will cost about $12 and do approx 6 oil changes. I like the grease setup way better though.
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    When you pull the pump take the impeller off and check the seal right under it and pull the back cone off and pack with grease.I had a piece of rope get behand the impeller and push on that seal and caused water to get in my pump bearings and it also damaged the seal and had to replace it.

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    So what do I need to do

    Just change the oil or actually take the thing apart every 100 hours?
    Do the dealer change the oil at the 50 hours service?


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    Tech Manual or how to instructions?

    Is there any place I can down load a manual explaining how to do this pump removal and oil fill or pack? I have never done anything on a boat before.


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    The instructions on this site will be more thorough (or more clear) than the manual. These are for the purpose of changing the prop & wear ring, but getting to the pump bearings is the same thing:

    As far as I know, only aftermarket built pumps (Skat) will take oil, and need to be oiled often. The OEM pumps take grease, and rarely need any kind of maintenance, as long the seal on the pump cone is good so there's no water intrusion.

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    That is bull, we will take the cone off the pump, check the grease, if we dont find water in the grease we leave it alone. The only time you do a full pump service on a 4 -stroke ski is if the customer has high hours on the ski, (200+) or the customer sucked something through the pump, and broke the front grease seal and let water into the pump. Tell the dealer no, and take it somewhere else.

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    I wonder if the dealer is not confused between the Jet pump and a Supercharger ?

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