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    Sho Cruiser or sho

    Hi guys and Gals have ordered a sho delivery feb (after looking ova what the market has to offer ), Asking on your vast experiences is it worth going to cruiser or not ? Personally i dont like the colours of the cruiser , but dont mind the extras it has ?

    P.s great site

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    Strictly a personal preference thing. I like to be able to move around on the seat so I would go with the standard SHO myself. Welcome to Green Hulk!

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    I just bought a fxho cruiser and just rode one yesterday for the first time .I like to ride setting back with legs stretched out,and the seat back (hump)is rite where I like to sit.I know after yesterday that I would buy the standard SHO. Before you buy one go sit on one.

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    Thanks for your replies guys , Was thinkin of stayin with the SHO and if the seat annoys then purchase the SHO CRUISER seat as an option . Got a price for it and its not far off the differance between SHO and the SHO CRUISER. Expensive item..

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