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    ride plate pics- old school riva plates

    I just picked up a 2000 gpr hull yesterday and to my surprise it has a riva ride plate on it. I am not sure which one it is. Can somebody post pics of:

    R&D plate
    Riva plate- new one
    Riva plate- old one

    What is the fastest plate? It will be going to Jim's performance shortly!

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    Why not post a pic of the plate that you have and let us identify it for you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by codymouse54321 View Post

    What is the fastest plate? It will be going to Jim's performance shortly!
    And so it begins........ Can't wait to read all about your upcoming mods !

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    no pics yet-- this is going to be a slow process- i have 5 skis now and gotta sell some stuff i have laying around!!

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    Old style R&D skegged rideplate is the fastest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spaceman View Post
    Old style R&D skegged rideplate is the fastest.
    ...old style Riva plate IS the R&D skegged plate.

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    i sure hope that is the one i have-- is this the "oldy but goody" plate?? Can i see some pics of the 3 or 4 diff. plates?? I tried searching.

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    Old style R&D skegged rideplate is the fastest

    Dang maybe I should try a different plate i only have used the one I have had all along...

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