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    My friend had a 2002 carb`d XP, it kicked azz but sucked gas. He really didn`t take care of it and it started everytime and ran like a beast.
    I had a 2002 RXDI and really liked it, something F`d up electronically at 56? hours and I never saw the boat again bc I traded up to the GTX at that time, couldn`t pass up the deal on the gtx.
    I do know that the DI models are really sophisticated (sp) electronics but haven`t really heard on to many failures myself. I guess it all depends on how well it was cared for. You don`t want any rust on those cranks, so keeping lubed properly and winterized correctly plays a big role...PR...

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    XPL have a "few" problems but the 98' is the worst!
    In 98' (maybe 99' too?) they put the air intakes right at the front by the hood hinge/shock, which if you have taken out for a ride you'll see how water always finds its way over that area and into the bilge... You can however move the large air intakes up to the gas cap/fill the smaller ones down a fews inches under the front of the seat, then block off the old ones down by the hood. They also have trouble keeping a good seal around the hood and the area where the streeing cable and gauge wires come up through the hull into the hood. As you may have found out 951's do not like water... and the XPL hull has some bad areas that can leak!

    Also 98' 951's have the voltage regulator in the MPEM which if you have blown a stator before (like me) you will need to replace the MPEM $$$.

    One thing I would take from the DI model is the crank case cooler, it will help keep your crank bearings cooler which will give them a longer life!

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    i have/had (sold and owner is taking delivery this spring) a 2001 gtx with the 951 carb. Put in gas, checked the oil, and rode. when it was a cold it took a few minutes longer to start, but always started no matter what. ski has about 175 hours, and runs solid all day long. Never had any issues and is or was always reliable.

    Hope that helps

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