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    Bad Fuel Controller

    I own a rude fuel controller that is bad it does not read boost, when I hook it up to the jet ski the jet ski is hard to start. When I take it off the ski , it starts without a problem. Any suggesting to who I must talk to to or call to get my fuel controller fixed.

    Thank You

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    Has it been programmed for your setup and year of ski? Did you buy it from someone else? If so its probably programmed for an entirely different application.

    Send bttek1 a PM on this forum. He is the guy that writes the maps for the controller.

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    Like Jerry said, sounds like the mapping needs to be changed somewhat. It may be to rich at idle and need a minor adjustment. Brian is the man for the job !

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    fuel controler

    The fuel controler it was working fine went i first instale it and then after a few months it starts to act up. thank u for the advice!.

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