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    Old grate testing data

    This is the letter I sent to Glen at Protec on September 13, 2004. Note that even three years ago I mentioned there was a problem with the integrity of the R&D grates. In any case, it's funny to read this from way back in the day:

    Hi Glen-

    We spoke on Tuesday of last week about my R&D double bar intake grate self-destructing while I was riding my GPR. Fernando ("Fercho") and I tested all day Friday and half of Saturday, with the following results for the these grates:

    We had great hookup off the line, and good acceleration and stability through the midrange. However, at anything approaching 70 mph we experienced severe bucking. The skis would kick up the rear end, then nose over on one shoulder or the other and make a slight turn - not good at these speeds. Thinking that the Protec grate was possibly causing a "nose in the air" attitude, we shimmed the rear of the rideplate with one, then two, then three washers in an attempt to cure the problem. All we saw were decreased peak speeds. The bucking and nosing over, along with the tendencey to turn left or right, continued. In short, nothing we did seemed to effect the ski's tendency to buck and turn at high speeds.

    Due to the severe bucking and instability of the ski at speed, we were only able to get a best of 70.1 mph with the Protec grate (with three shims added under the rideplate to increase stabililty). For reference, we were able to get 72.7 out of the R&D single bar, and 72.8 out of the double bar. As a side note, the R&D single bar exhibited some of the bucking of the Protec, but not as bad.

    Our conclusion is that this is a great intake grate for skis running up to a Stage 2 kit. In fact, we liked it much better than the R&D units up to about 68 mph. However, on skis approaching and exceeding 70 mph, the Protec grate is unsuitable.

    I will be publishing the results of our testing on the Riva forum by the end of the week, and would like to be able to speak of your cooperation. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
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