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    Looking for a job HELP

    I am looking for work as a technician for PWCs, ATV's etc.

    I live in North Carolina and will relocate if I find the right opportunity
    I would love to live/work in a warmer climate that has a longer PWC season.

    From age 12 to 20 I worked at various marinas part time and 3 years at a Seadoo Dealership

    I graduated from American Motorcycle Institute of Daytona Beach November 2004 as Certified PWC Technician

    I have since worked on mostly Sea Doo brand watercraft on the side and have worked at 2 different dealerships as Service Writer during the Summers. Usually around October I am out of a job until the next May. I need to find a year round dealership/shop that is looking for a hard worker.

    I am a perfectionist......I take pride in my work and never cut corners.....if I am not sure about something I ask someone who knows.......I never dig into a project without knowing where I am going. I have never been fired from a job and always leave on good terms. I don't steal or lie....I am a very honest, professional employee and always treat customers like GOLD.

    I would like to move to anywhere where it is warm, California, Florida no where is to far for me. Anything to escape my Psycho Ex girlfriends.

    I am 23 going on 24.......I have lived in Hickory, NC all my life and I need to see what else the world has to offer. Pay rate is negotiable. I am looking for a learning experience mostly......hoping to find a Veteran Technician who needs a helper and will show me his tricks. I know ALOT about PWCs, always has been an interest to me.....I have been riding since age 9....there is always more to learn and I am ready to soak it in.

    I have a clean driving/criminal record

    Last thing.....I do have a heavy southern accent, so if you don't mind hearing a redneck in the background then I think we'll get along.

    Jerry- need an intern?

    Please PM me with any opportunities......

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    Just a suggestion for you. NEVER tell someone you need/want a job. Tell them that you WANT to WORK.

    Please dont take this the wrong way. This is just a tip for your resume and job applications.

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    What he said.

    That in Mind, the City of Key Largo is looking for a Marine Mechanic.

    Just a thought, Seabargo down in Key west could prob use ya too.

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    Point taken, I'll have to work on that

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    Have you looked into porn?

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    I don't think I would get paid much for 30 seconds worth....hahahh
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    Quote Originally Posted by Danny View Post
    Have you looked into porn?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cosmicMS3 View Post
    I don't think I would get paid much for 30 seconds worth....hahahh

    Even after 30 seconds, you can turn to people and say "well, a lot of the footage got know, for editing reasons.....they just took the need parts..."

    With the holidays coming up, have you considered trying some part time work? I know its not the best work, but hear me out...

    Back when I was in college I was working at Best Buy. They hired on some temp help for the holidays, and one guy was really good. He had quit his job of 15 years because he was tired of the daily grind...

    So they kept him on afterwards...He took the steps needed to advance himself. He went from TV's, to stocking the TV's and the store at night...To helping stock OTHER stores at night...and more and more...Last I heard (like 2 years ago) he was working in the corporate office warehouse, overseeing frieght distribution and transportation to all the stores within a 8 state range....

    Not bad for starting as temp work

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    Give Roger a call @ rocket racing in el cajon ca. He owns a busy shop and is always looking for techs. Fun bike center in kearny mesa california would be worth a call too.

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    thanks for the help guys, I'll have to contact these shops to see if theres any room for another tech....

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